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Naturalism is why there is unbelief....

So, I was watching this documentary tonight called Furious Love and a guy named JP Moreland said that

"The western church has lagged behind experiencing the power of the Kingdom of God compared to other parts of the world, primarily because we have accepted a worldview called naturalism. We have a tendancy to believe that the natural world really is all there is, that God heals only through medicine, that spirits are multiple personality problems and things like that. "

I had to listen to this multiple times because there was an immediate, "ah ha" in my spirit. I knew that he is right....not just for the "western church" but for people like me.  I finally understand what I have been fighting since first being taught that Father God is a good Father who wants to HEAL everyone...all the Time. It wasn't that I was that this new "information" was laid on a faulty foundational belief that was not only ingrained in me, but a very real part of my culture.

I had to know more about Naturalism....



a. the view of the world that takes account only of natural elements and forces, 
excluding the supernatural or spiritual.
b. the belief that all phenomena are covered by laws of science and that all teleological explanations are 
therefore without value.



a. the doctrine that all religious truth is derived from astudy of natural  processes and not from revelation.

b.  the doctrine that natural religion  is sufficient for salvation.


It seems like the philosophy of Naturalism is completely at odds with the basic tenets of Christianity. That to believe in naturalism, I can believe in a nice historic carpenter named Jesus, but not in the Son of God. I can't even believe in God really because He is clearly super (above) natural. So, how can a person both believe in God and Jesus (the cross, salvation) and still believe that all things can be explained by science or what is seen or natural??

Isn't that what we say when we say we believe that Christ died on the Cross, but we don't believe He wants to/can heal? What about phenomena? 

I need God to root out naturalism from me. I have come to know and believe that God is SUPERNATURAL and that I am called to live a SUPER (ABOVE) NATURAL Life.... complete with supernatural love and power to see that Love impact ME and the WORLD around me.

"Father, would you change my foundational beliefs...the routes in my brain that are stuck in Naturalism?"

This prayer is is why I am pursuing steping out and taking risk even when I still have unbelief, because it isn't that I don't BELIEVE the truth, it is that it needs to sink down and strangle the foundation that says "only what I see and can measure is real".... 

This realization brings so much freedom and it seems so much more managable to say that I have been raised in a culture that has taught me to believe only in the natural world....and now I am stepping into the supernatural and I need help with that shift...I am not faulty or in sin...I just need my worldview revamped.

WOW! Jesus can do that...change my world..

it's His speciality.

What about you, what do you want?






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