Charlene Garrett, MBA 

By clicking above you can donate to the team expenses for this trip. You can be a part of connecting Grace Center to the village of Chuiba.




Hope of His promises- headed to Africa

A few years ago I got a tattoo of the word HOPE over an olive brance. I wanted to declare that I was walking into the hope of His promises with every new step.  

Today marks one of those steps as I sit here at Dulles airport about to board my flight to Mozambique. I believe that one of those promises is that I will see blind eyes healed and will walk into even a more intimate relationship than I currently have with Jesus.   I am co leading a team to connect and encourage missionaries... my heart. We are going to experience... to learn.. to be.

I believe that this is the beginning of the next phase of my life... 

i look forward to sharing all that God does in the next two weeks.... I live in the HOPE of His promises.


Visiting our adopted village

I am still testing out what it means for me to BE Aaron's Hands as the ministry continues to get more organized. I know that one piece of it is helping Leaders Stay and that is one reason why I am making this trip... and another reason is because my heart is to help the local church continue to connect and pastor our missionaries (sent ones) well.  Let me tell you the story....


A few years ago while our Senior Pastor at my church (Grace Center), Jeff, was in Pemba with Iris Ministries, he asked Roland and Heidi Baker if we could adopt a village. The village we adopted was Chuiba.  From my understanding, Chuiba was one of the last ones reached though it is fairly close to Pemba.


Jeff asked what the needs were and then when he returned he told us about the needs and we took up a large offering that helped build a school, a church, dig a well, and feed and worm the kids at the school. We have continued to ask that question and provide those needs including recently taking up an offering to help rebuild after some terrible floods really did damage in the village.

Our heart is to be good adoptive parents and to continue to connect with the people of the village... not just send money, but get to know the people and connect them to our church body as much as possible.

So one of our pastors, Marty Curley, and myself are leading a small team of 6 to connect with the village from July 28- August 6th, we will then go to Our Father's House in Uganda to connect with one of our other missionaries, Rebecca Sorenson. It came together quickly because of timing for everyone and now comes the process of raising the money.

As a team we need about $24,000 which could be daunting, but honestly we have already seen a few miracles and we have raised about half of that so far. So we only need about $12,000 in only $9350!. Three team members still need to finish raising the money for their plane tickets which is about $5900 of that $9350.  I know that seems like a lot of money in a short time, but every donation counts and I know God is fully able.

I truly believe that this type of connection and relationship is how we can continue to support and get behind organizations who are on the ground day in and day out being Jesus. Not only to we help those that we go to serve, but we change ourselves and we return and change our communities because of what we receive from where we go. It truly is a symbiotic relationship.

Please keep us in your prayers and if you feel led to sow towards this venture, you can give here via paypal or even send me Square Cash to  If you would like to send a check or really need a tax deduction email me at and I will give you the details.

Thank you for your prayers as we launch into new territories together.... Helping Leaders STAY where they are called and displaying the Kingdom.